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Here is a list of some of the best free online nursing resources that can assist nursing students in preparing for the NCLEX:

1. Khan Academy - NCLEX-RN - practice questions:

Khan Academy offers a comprehensive collection of lessons and practice questions specifically tailored for NCLEX-RN preparation.

2. provides free YouTube videos, study guides, practice exams, and helpful information to support nursing students in their NCLEX journey.


3. offers a variety of free NCLEX practice questions, quizzes, and study guides to help students assess and reinforce their knowledge.

4. National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) - NCLEX Test Plan:

NCSBN offers the official NCLEX test plan, which outlines the content and distribution of the exam. Familiarizing yourself with this plan is crucial for effective preparation.

5. Quizlet - NCLEX Flashcards:

Quizlet hosts a collection of NCLEX flashcards created by users. Flashcards can be a valuable tool for memorizing key concepts and terms.

6. - NCLEX Study Guide: provides a comprehensive NCLEX study guide covering key topics and strategies for success on the exam.

7. Osmosis - NCLEX Study Plan:

Osmosis offers a free NCLEX study plan that includes video lessons, practice questions, and study resources to help nursing students prepare systematically.

8. Nurse Labs - Nursing Cheat Sheets:

Nurse Labs provides downloadable cheat sheets covering various nursing topics, which can be handy for quick reference and review.

Remember to use a combination of resources for a well-rounded preparation. Additionally, consider checking with your educational institution, as they may provide access to additional online resources or study materials.

9. Best videos


Best overall YouTube videos, colorful, fun and easy to understand. Next Gen NCLEX Questions.

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